Wednesday, May 30, 2012

on Broadway

David and I, well mostly I, know the entire soundtrack to Wicked but neither of us have ever seen it. So when we found out that we were going to New York we both knew we would spend the big bucks to go see the real deal. You know on Broadway and all. And let me tell you what, it was worth it! David and I had chills for most of the show. Not because of the delightfully chilly theater, but because the amount of talent that was up on stage was unreal. Elphaba stole the show. It was all I had hoped it would be and more.

Then one night we stopped at the TKTS booth to get some discounted tickets. Sadly Lion King doesn't discount (which was the other show we wanted to see), but Davie has always really wanted to see Phantom, so that is what we were in line for. Then as we were waiting in the rain, in the really long line, one of the employees somehow talked us into seeing Spider Man. He convinced us that since we were from Utah we should see something you can only see in New York, like the amazing Spider Man! Well now we know why he got us to go. Because it is awful. What? you might ask yourself, that doesn't make sense... Why would they convince you to go see an awful show? oh, because that is the only way they sell tickets. Even at a discounted price. Ok, so it wasn't all that bad. The set was cool. And the high flying characters were pretty neat. Everything else? crap. pure crap. The music? garbage. The acting? pitiful. I have seen high school performances that were better. Now, I am not saying I could do better, because I most certainly could not. But this is Broadway people! Come on! So if you are headed to New York this summer and you want to see a show you can only see in New York, don't make it Spider Man. You will want the two and half hours of your life back.

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