Thursday, May 31, 2012

oh the places you'll see

The door to our place was just to the right of this. Please notice the cockroach friend on the wall.

This was the entrance. See cockroach friend #2? This was after all the trash was cleaned out.
Door into one of the room mates bedrooms. Cockroach friend #3. I didn't get the roaches in our room. I was too disgusted.

So tired, but still so handsome.

When we first got to New York we had a place to stay. The brother of a friend had an apartment and said we could stay there. However, when we got there it was tiny, smelled awful, dirty, had cockroaches (both dead and alive) and was altogether unlivable. Also, later we found out there was a rat problem. I was told that if I didn't like cockroaches that I wouldn't like New York. I refused to believe it. I know so many women that live in New York, who love it and there is now way they are chill-laxin with the roaches. No way. No how. While it was so nice of them to offer this place, I just wasn't willing to stay there.

So we started the search for a new place. It was so hard. We found nothing. So we hiked our luggage across Manhattan and into Brooklyn to stay at a hostel. We were so happy when we got there to see that it was clean and that there weren't any cockroaches or rats. Just a wacky guy from Wyoming. I'm okay with wacky. As long as you don't have a shell and antennas.

The next morning we were so exhausted that we stayed in bed til almost noon. We headed into the city and the first place we went was to Shake Shack. We needed a good burger and a shake to lift our spirits. The line was an hour long, but we didn't care. The food was so delicious and the park it is in was so pleasant. It really did lift our spirits and gave us hope that we could find a place in NY and that everything would be a-okay.

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