Wednesday, June 23, 2010

very lovely

In the past 8 weeks I have lost two very lovely Grandparents. My Grandpa William Lyons Buchanan from Scotland, and his wife Lois Forward Buchanan from Wales. They have left a great legacy behind of 22 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. They were married for 65 years. They met while serving missions in England and married quickly thereafter. After they were married they wanted nothing more than to go to Zion, and be sealed for eternity in the Temple. They took all their savings (90 dollars) and their two children at the time (my mom being one of them) and with faith and trust in the Lord made their way to America. They worked hard, never lost faith and were able to establish their humble home in Holladay Utah. There they stayed the rest of their lives, never looking back only looking forward.

My Grandma was beautiful in so many ways. In her appearance, her spirit, her mannerisms and her example. She was constantly serving. Every time I saw her she was either knitting booties for the newest grandchild, making lunch for visitors or doing dishes. Grandma referred to people as "our Aly" or "Our Laraine" or simply just "love". She was an absolute joy to be around. Every Friday my Mom would go to her house to do her hair and it became tradition for all the girls (aunts, cousins, sisters...) to join in the fun. I always told my work that I couldn't work on Friday because I didn't want to miss that precious time spent with my Grandparents.

(Grandma B holding me)

One of my all time favorite memories of my Grandma was only a few years ago. A bunch of my family all went to Disney Land, my Grandma included. She was 82 and insisted she go on all the rides. She even wanted to go on the Indiana Jones ride. The best of part of the whole trip was when we were in the Tiki room and it started to "rain", she pulled out her adorable plastic bonnet. When we went outside she said "oh, it's cleared up". None of us had the heart to tell her that it wasn't really raining.

My Grandpa was a strong and healthy Scot. He had a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. He was full of love and Scottish tunes and stories. I will be honest, when I was little I was a little bit scared of him. However, as I grew older I also grew to love him. He was an extremely hard worker. He provided for his family in more ways than one. He was a handy carpenter, a farmer, a bird keeper, and most importatly a priesthood holder.

Grandma and Grandpa loved eachother, they loved us and they loved the Gospel. They were two of the very best people I know. They both are and will be missed very much.

Love you Grandma and Grandpa B!


Libby said...

A very sweet tribute Aly--thank you.

Sarah Winward said...

Im so sorry Al, its hard to lose grandparents. But on a happier note, you look so much like your beautiful grandmother! especially in that picture from your wedding, holy cow, i had never noticed before.