Saturday, June 12, 2010

i love lucy

no no no, not the t.v. show, mine and David's new boxer pup, lucy!

David and I had been wanting a puppy for some time, but couldn't decide on a breed. After some research and ooing and aahhing over pictures we decided to go with a boxer. They are full of energy which makes a great running partner, they are smart, friendly and if you take good
care of them they hardly shed at all.

We started looking on KSL for boxer puppies and her litter was the first we looked at. We instantly fell in love with her. You cannot look at the above pic with all those wrinkles and tell me you don't love her too. Like Seth Meyers would say "really?"

David and I both love her way more than we thought we would.
How could we not?
Although it did take us awhile to name her we feel as though Lucy is a perfect fit.

She likes to nap with daddy.

And with Sam.
feel free to oooh and ahhh. I know we do.


Cicely said...

Is Davey really asleep on the hardwood floor? That looks like a Dad sleeping with a new baby. only on the floor.

Libby said...

That top picture is so cute! How could you not love that face :)

the Lola Letters said...

Oh wow - I want to eat her!!!
She is soooo cute! That face is unreal, and her rolls are to die for! Glad you guys are doing great in your new locale. I loved reading about Lucy warming up to the ocean! Happy to hear you guys are getting settled!