Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When March rolls around, so does the Moab Half Marathon for the Cain family. While I was on my mission it was up there with Christmas on traditions that I truly missed. Last year I had only been home from my mission for 3 weeks so I opted for the 5 mile run. This year however it was 13.1 miles or go home. Emily and Brandon also ran the half, and my Dad did the 5 mile run.
I'll admit I have not been too diligent in training for the big day, the longest run I had done was 8 miles. However, I had done it before so I figured it won't kill me.

The buses hauled us up the canyon, a drive that is always longer than you remember. This year was freezing though. Everyone was jumpin and dancin around trying to stay warm while they stood in the port-a-potty line, which are never pretty. We shivered our way to the start line and soon we were off and running.

I was feeling really good and strong all the way down the canyon. It wasn't until I turned onto the highway at mile 11 that the shooting pain in my hips and knees started. damn you ITband. I could have beat my previous time! I was just about to walk the last mile when I came around the corner and saw David waiting for me. He snapped some not so pretty pictures of me and then ran the last mile with me.
I made it to the end where everyone was cheering me on. Emily and Brandon made their goal and came in under two hours. I on the other hand came in at 2:25...due to lack of training. Im still pretty satisfied with myself.

Em and I were both chaffed pretty bad in our pit area. Here we are just comparing scars.

Mile 11.

Em and Brandon pushing through to the end.

No we did not have a child. That would be Samu, hikin with us in the arches.

good sun. I look gigantic in this picture, but that is only because I am toting Sam on me.

David and Brad went climbing, my body was still angry at me from running 13.1 miles so I couldn't.

Sam was pretty tired after the marathon...

Over all, it was yet another great half.
See you soon Salt Lake half!


sarah merlene said...

i'm so proud of you! i wish i liked to run :( bummer. but you look great and i want you to have a baby in shirt at all times. cuz it's adorable.

David Sharette said...

It was quite a vacation for me - I apparently didn't really worry about how I looked. I look like a zombie in that first picture. I love Sam.

Anonymous said...

Yay Aly! Good job! I wish that I was in-shape enough to run a half marathon! Miss you