Saturday, March 6, 2010

Its Official!

I am happy to announce that I am officially employed. Where you ask? Well if you are not smart enough to look at the logo to the left, then I will just have to tell you. I was just hired on to be part of the Salt Lake Running Company team! You can visit their website here. They are the place to go for all your running needs. Not to mention a little swimming and biking here and there.
I had been searching for a job, any job, for some time now. I had applied to so many different places...ebay, American Express, Nordstrom, IHC, Wells Fargo, etc. all of which I would receive and email in response that would say something like "we appreciate your interest in position xyz, however we decided to move forward with candidates that more closely match our requirements." Requirements?! Experience?! Bull. We all know that it is just an automatic response email. right? eh...well that is what I am going to tell myself. Moving on.
One day while hopelessly browsing around craigslist I saw a posting for the Salt Lake Running Co. I thought to myself "hey look a job you would actually enjoy." Scrolling past it, I then thought "wait a second... I would actually enjoy that job, and I am qualified." So I emailed, applied, called and finally got an interview.
I went in on Friday morning to be interviewed. As usual I was nervous and getting sweaty pits. Luckily I had a coat on so no one could notice my sweat tacos. I was sent into a tiny little office with two of the nicest guys. One of which was named Guy. Anywho, it was the best and smoothest interview I have ever been in. I left feeling confident but still a wittle nervous.
Long story kind of shortened... At 4:30 that day they called me and said that I got the job!
I am so excited to get to know the Salt Lake running community better, and get paid to do it! Now go to the new website, to check out the different locations, and the latest and greatest in running.
P.S. David and I bought a wii to celebrate! Wiiiiiiiiiiii


Muscle machine said...

Congrats my young sister. Now, when shall you send me my new pair of running sneakers? I will pay shipping. deal.

Goog & Winnie said...

i was sure the official-ness of this post was going to be announcing a pregnancy. but a job is good too. congrats! sounds perfect for you!