Monday, March 29, 2010


It has been a very quick and very blissful 3 months since David Jordan Sharette and I were legally and lawfully pronounced husband and wife. Now we often talk about that day and how perfect it was, and now I have the pictures and a video or two to prove it.

Our photographer was Kate Osborne of KOPhotography (see link on the side). She was awesome. She was so willing to work with us, and the weather. Thanks for everything Kate!

David and I decided to spread our wedding day out over two days, to cut down on the stress and it did just that. We were married on December 30, 2009 in the Salt Lake Temple, the same day that a huge blizzard of a snow storm rolled through. That was followed by a cozy dinner with just our immediate family and close friends at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was lovely.

On my Mom and Dad's wedding day my mom wore a gold locket that my Dad had given her. I asked her if I could wear it too. It was the perfect finishing touch.

After the dinner David and I scurried away to the Marriott up by the U of U. David's friend had gone to our hotel room and decorated it all swanky like, you know, to set the mood. I'll spare you on the hot details.

The next day was New Year's Eve and the night of our reception party! We had our reception at The Point Restaurant. They were incredible. Everything ran so smoothly throughout the night, they really did make it so we had a perfect night.

The party started at 8 o'clock in the pm and went until the new year. The food was delicious. The decorations I chose worked wonderfully, if I do say so myself. We mingled for a bit, and cut the cake, which we shoved in each others faces.

Half way through the night David got up to the mic and announced he had a surprise for me. Surprise indeed! He had secretly been writing me a song which he and his brothers performed for me. Take a listen. And yes I know, it's adorable, amazing, perfect etc...

The rest of the night was spent dancin it up on the dance floor.

At 11 we served hot chocolate, then around midnight we switched on the tele to watch the ball drop and we broke out the Mormon champagne a.k.a Martinelli's and a whole bunch of noise makers. It was the best New Year's Eve celebration we have ever been too.

At the end of the night, David and I ran through bubbles that the guests blew over us. It looks pretty cool in the picture, but you can't taste them or feel them stinging your eye in the picture.

Ok, so I know this is the longest blog post ever and that would have been the perfect picture to end on, but I just have to make a special note and thank some people for their help. Cheesy but I feel as though it must be done.

Firstly, Sarah for all her hard work in helping the vision I had come to life. She spent so much time making bouquets and boutonnière's etc. Also, all my friends that spent hours helping her.

Tessa, for drawing and bringing to life the dress I wanted.

Both mine and David's family. Both so incredible. We feel so lucky to have married into such superb families.

David. For being the most magnificent fiance and an even more swell husband.

And lastly, my parents. They are without a doubt, simply the best.

I feel as though I could go on forever, but I have said 'perfect' and every one of it's synonyms more than once, so I probably should refrain.
Thank you everyone for being there to celebrate with us.
We love you!


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Dave and Aly- Your wedding pics are gorgeous! Congrats!