Friday, February 17, 2012


I made this resume awhile ago. I made it for fun and was actually not even looking for a job, so I was flattered when I was asked to have it featured in an article for Business Insider! You can see the other cool resumes that were featured and read about it here.

p.s. I received a really lame comment from "Design Employer" with a private profile and no way to respond to the comment. This so called "Design Employer" commented on how I spelled a few things wrong and then proceeded to tell me how bad my resume was. So just for you I fixed the misspelled words. Like I said I made this one day because I was bored, not because I needed a job.


jaylen watkins said...

Good knowledgeable post.

CV Template

Dry Pod - The fully enclosed pedal/electric powered bicycle said...

hey you guys are really smart! i live in slc too. tried to get your blog feed but feedburner says it's no good :(

Aly Sharette said...

@Dry Pod - The fully enclosed pedal/electric powered bicycle Did you try the subscribe button on the sidebar of the blog? I just tried it and it worked ok. I am not sure what the problem would be! Sorry.