Tuesday, September 20, 2011

now & then

While now & then is the title of one of my 14 year old self's favorite movies, sadly it is not what this post is about. I haven't been the best blogger lately and have let a few good times slip by without sharing them. So I might do a few posts talking about what we did then and what we are doing now. 
That way I don't have to play a huge game of catch up. 

Now, we are living in St. George. If you have been to St George then you would know it is the city of retired rich men, and women I might add, who golf. I wasn't so into the idea of it. 
Then my new friend Ashley shed some new light on the subject. She figures she will get good now at things like tennis and golf, so that when her and her husband are older they have things to do. 
So, I decided to take her advice. I was sporting my red clothes for the big BYU vs UTAH game. 
Go Utes! Still love you Davie.

Then, we went to a baseball game on Pioneer Day.
It was a lovely, somewhat overcast day. We rode the rebel downtown. 
Even though I had already eaten, I still wanted a hot dog. Gross I know. 
For some reason though it isn't gross at a baseball game. 
The Bees or Stingers or Buzz... Our team won. 
The best part of the night was the most amazing firework show I have ever seen.
Plus the girl behind us who, from her reactions, must have never seen fireworks before. 
Her laugh/screams were making Davie and I laugh so hard.
Oh, how I do love the game, especially on a patriotic holiday!

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