Friday, September 16, 2011

nie nie and me.

My Mom would be the first to tell me that the title of this post is terrible English. 
But it rhymed, so it's ok right? Moving on. 
Last night, yes, that is right only last night and I am already blogging about it. 
David and I (notice the proper English) had the privilege to 
attend a conference put on by his work, Soltis. 
And guess who was the keynote speaker? You guessed it! Richard Simmons! Kidding.
It was Stephanie and Christian Nielson from the NieNie Dialogues
When David told me a couple of weeks ago that she was coming I was so excited. 
Her words were very inspiring and loving. 
She is even more lovely and beautiful in real life than in pictures. 
If she can come out on top of this trial, 
then I am pretty sure I can come out on top of my tiny little trials. 

Don't mind my, over the top, really excited smile. 
It didn't leave my face all night. oi.

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