Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 14

We celebrated Valentine's Day by going to lunch at the oh so yummy Rooster in downtown Provo.
I can't get enough curry. No matter what country it comes from and theirs is super delicious.

After lunch and before we had to head back to school we stopped off at The Chocolate for some scrumptious baby cupcakes.  They may be the best I have had in a long while. 
Not to mention they have a bunch of really cute rooms where you can sit, visit and enjoy your desserts.
We will definitely be going there again.
I love this day. I love the food. I love David.
and I think I love my new pink lipstick.


David Sharette said...

Yeah, but which do you love the most?

Kara said...

Looks like fun! I vote yes on that lipstick it looks good on you. :)

the Lola Letters said...

mmmm.... I want to go to there!