Monday, November 15, 2010

happiest place on earth

Not to be confused with the friendliest place on earth (which is Ray Wyoming), my parents, Davie and I went to the happiest place on earth....Disney World! So I have been to Disney Land which is amazing and California Adventure Park that just adds to it, but Disney World is a whole other experience. It really is a world. They even have their own street and freeway signs and a telephone pole that is a giant Mickey head.

We had a splendid old time. The weather was great til about 3 and then inside the Animal Kingdom as we were making our way from Africa to Asia...down pour. A down pour that lasted about 2 or 3 hours. We tried to take cover but ended up soaked. We made the best of it though and went on all the rides that stayed open during the rain. Which wasn't very many but hey it is the happiest place on earth plus it was decked out in Halloween decorations so, some how we were still happy.

We don't look that wet here, but let me just tell you, when it rains in Florida there is no jokin around. We looked like we had just stepped out of a community shower!

Who could look at the above picture and tell me this isn't the happiest place on earth?

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