Friday, September 10, 2010


David and I spent our Labor Day at the Mote Aquarium in Sarasota. We met this cute little kid named Parker (pictured above as the sea turtle). It was a pretty fun time. Especially since it was buy one get one free. It was full of all sorts of bizarre fishies and crawlie things. This is how I prefer to see them, behind 3 inches of glass. I made a video of my favorite ones. They all moved so gracefully underwater that I decided the best music to put it to was Enya.

My favorite by far were the manatees. They are vegetarians, eating about 45 heads of romaine lettuce a day. They are such gentle giants. The one we were watching was playing with a water jug. We also saw him pee. Also I loved the batch of baby turtles that the aquarium rescued. Their little fins would paddle around so frantically, all of them trying to figure out how to swim and get to the top for air.

At the end we went into the interactive theater and helped rescue a dolphin. Meaning we watched a movie starring David Strathairn, you may have seen him in such films as Good Night and Good Luck and The Bourne Ultimatum. He is the head of a dolphin preservation unit and the audience are volunteers that help find a missing dolphin using their personal touch screen. David and I saved about 3 dolphins, yeah we're pretty awesome.

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