Monday, July 19, 2010

might as well

I figured since I don't have much else to do while Davie is gone at work, I would get into shape. Now I know that I am already thin, but I am talking about being in shape, good shape. What does that mean exactly? Well, I would like to have arms like Kelly Ripa, legs like Gwyneth Paltrow, and abs like Jillian Michaels.

So, my plan to get there?
by doing this

and some of this

and a little of this

and by eating more of this
(a big salad with grilled chicken and veggies that I made. mmmm.)

and less of this

oh, and I think I better throw in a little of this if I want those muscles to recover right.

I have 5 months until I return home to Utah and to family. I think I can do it. Do you?
Check back to follow my progress and for some sweet before and eventually after pics!

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