Monday, May 10, 2010

celebrate good times.

Mid April David finished school (only one more year to go!...until grad school...) and to celebrate the good times he wanted to head down to St. George to climb a tid bit. Our friends Jace and Roslyn were able to meet up with us too, so good times were had all around.

David's Grandma has a couple of houses down there and was kind enough to let me and David stay there. It was perfect, a nice running trail near by, climbing wasn't far and a nice pool to top it all off. The weather was perfect for us too.

going to the climbs.

climbing the climbs.
I didn't get many pics of Jace and Roslyn climbing. And since I am the only one that takes pictures there are no pictures of me climbing. ever. maybe next time.

and leaving the climbs.
(this is a cute picture, if I do say so myself)

Unlike normal people I find a lot of beauty in the desert. I think it has a large part to do with the fact that I served my mission in one of the hottest, largest and most beautiful deserts in the United States a.k.a. Death Valley, but I thought this one wasn't so bad.

We spent the days climbing and the nights in the pool. It was a magnificent combination.
Jace and Roslyn were doing these "tricks" called "back flips" in the pool. It was totally foreign to David and I, but we were thoroughly entertained by them.

On Sunday morning we headed to Snow Canyon to do a hike.
Seeing how it is turtle migration season there were a lot of hikes that were closed,
but the nice and plump park ranger told us of a really cool hike in some lava tubes.
It was claustrophobic at times, but in the end it was totally worth it.

side note: we were happily hiking the lava flow trail until we came to a fork in the road with this sign. The Cheshire cat would have been more helpful for us at this point.

happy spring!
p.s. ever since this trip my knee has been bogus
and as such I have not been able to run for 2 weeks. like I said, bogus.

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Goog & Winnie said...

looks so fun. i like the picture of you guys in the cave too.