Friday, January 6, 2012

two years

It has been two years since I married the fine man that my hubs is. To celebrate we spent the day doing what we love. We went up Millcreek Canyon, the only one that allows dogs. We were hoping to go snow shoeing, but seeing how it is now spring, we went on a hike instead. The trail was an icy, muddy and sometimes snowy one. And even though I fell on my butt at least 8 times, it was a beautiful day. Why is that David can "ski" down the icy trail, but when I try I make weird noises, swing my arms around grasping for some branch to save me and then proceed to slide on my butt. I blame it on my lack of exposure to sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.  Lucy had a grand old time running like a mad woman all over the mountains.
We finished the night by going to a hibachi grill downtown and to a movie. Since it was our anniversary we got so much free food! The sushi chef, the hibachi chef and even the owner himself wished us a happy year with complimentary food. Thanks guys! When we decided to go to a hibachi grill all I could think about was that moment when the chef makes you catch a piece of shrimp in your mouth. I've seen those people who think they can catch it and then with out fail the shrimp bounces off their forehead. I was dreading it all night and then it came. He looked at me with his spatula and the little piece of shrimp. I hesitated then tilted my head back, closed my eyes (yes I know, smart) and opened my mouth. And wouldn't you know, I caught it! First time! And not to brag but it took David 3 times to do it!
The last two years have been amazing. We have lived in Sandy, Provo, Tampa Florida and St. George! For me home is where ever David is, and I can't wait to see all the places we will call home this year!

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