Tuesday, September 27, 2011

now & then

Now we are celebrating the arrival of a new family member, Maxwell Jeffrey Sheneman.
My sister Libby and her husband Brad recently had their second little baby boy.
Their little family is growing and it is so fun to watch. 
There is nothing better than a newborn infant. Perfect little miracles. 

Then, back in July I celebrated my big 25th birthday with my family. 
I love having a summer birthday. It makes camping and motorcycle trips possible.
My sister Emily made me a delicious home made carrot cake, that was too good for words.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend the General Relief Society Conference with my mom and sisters. President Uchtdorf's message meant a lot to me. I, like so many of you, felt like he was talking straight to me. You can watch or read his message here. It got me thinking about being happy now. This picture of my father and I, in combination of the title of this post, reminds that while my Dad may be here now, he might not always be. Shortly, he will undergo a stem cell transplant, in hopes to kick as much as this cancer as possible. Love you Dad, we know you can beat this and we are happy you are with us NOW!

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David Sharette said...

Hey, what about a picture of your new hair?