Sunday, July 31, 2011

oh my hair

oh the hair that I have had. 
don't worry about the emo pictures. 
it was a bad time.
I couldn't find pictures of when I was blond, really blond or when I had really short hair.
I have always enjoyed changing my hair up. 
this is the longest I have gone without doing something to it.
I think it may be time to change it?


David Sharette said...

Non-stop sexiness. I can't stand it.

trevandjules said...

Oh I love your hair! I haven't seen you since you've chopped it! LOVE the melting. Who is your stylist? I don't know who to go to now that i'm down here!

aly goolay said...

julie I go to a girl in Salt Lake that used to work at Lunatic Fringe but is now on her own. She is great if you would like her number.