Wednesday, March 9, 2011

he liked it

In 2D design our midterm assignment was pretty much "do whatever you want, but it better amaze me" kinda thing. My teacher didn't really give us a whole lot of direction, we just needed to incorporate things we have learned so far (continuation, unity, variety, balance etc..).  So I started taking pictures of these still life settings that I set up. I hated all of them. Then randomly I snapped this picture. My teacher liked it. He liked it so much he had me get it framed and is submitting it to the student art show. This coming from a guy that told one kid that is his piece had nothing there. I was really flattered and excited. I will let you know if I get in the art show!


Cicely said...

I like it too. I'd buy it and put it up in my house.

Muscle machine said...

What the heck, I keep posting stuff on here and it doesn't show up. Anyway, I really like your style sister. I think we share the family gene for art. Keep up the good work and good luck in the art show!