Wednesday, March 9, 2011

goodbye Egypt, hello Greece!

I took my first test in art history, it covered the stone age up to the Egyptians. My teacher's tests are difficult to say the least. They are essay tests. Pretty much he shows you a piece of art and expects you tell him the name, date and culture it came from. Then you just need to tell him as much as you know about the piece. It was so hard to know exactly what he was looking for. I studied like mad though, did mass amounts of memorization and came out with an...duh duh duh A-! I am going to brag about this. Only because I was the highest grade in the class and the only A. woo woo.

Moving on to GREECE and ROME! We just finished learning about the Greeks yesterday. I have a love/hate relationship with these folks. Love because they are the one that introduce the idea of humanism, and that every human being is important. Hate because they made their women stay inside or completely covered at all times. It wasn't until the Hellenistic period that the women started being portrayed in the same way men were.
Their art is nothing but beautiful. Everything they did was perfect and of the highest quality. I love learning about the Spartans, the wars, Alexander the Great, the battle of Marathon.

I thoroughly enjoy this class. It may seem boring and difficult to some, but I really love the history behind all these different cultures.Can't wait to hear about those wacky Romans.

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