Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stone Age

Is it weird how much I like my art history class? I always sit front and center. I am so fascinated by the "birth of art". I am enthralled by these people. What they did. How they did it. And of course their art. Why they drew it and how they drew it. It probably helps that my teacher is in love with art history and he is great at teaching it. I love hearing about how the men in the stone age revered the women because they were the source of life. They mysteriously created babies, so they figured they must be godlike. They would carve statues of women with large breasts and genitals to increase fertility.  I loved learning about stone henge. Did you know that they used it to know when summer and winter solstice was so that they knew when to plant and harvest their crops? That they hauled the ginormous stones over 245 miles from the mountains in Wales? The stones were carved and placed in a perfect circle. It literally blows my mind. We are starting to learn about the Egyptians and I can't wait!