Wednesday, February 2, 2011

creating unity

My first assignment in 2D design was to create unity in a work of art. We had to turn in a total of twelve pieces showing unity in the four following ways:
1. Rhythm and Repetition
2. Continuation
3. Variety
4. Proximity
We could use pencil, ink or collage to do this project. I am only really familiar with pencil so I chose to sketch all of mine.
The picture of the couple shows unity in variety.
The jelly fish shows continuation.
The pregnant woman, who I am aware has irregularly large breasts, shows rhythm and repetition.
And finally the peacock shows rhythm and repetition.

I am really loving this class so far. Mostly because my teacher is really teaching me and helping me personally progress, and we all know that I need all the help that I can get.

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Cicely said...

Other than your ability to make foreign hats out of playdough and our teamskills at Pictionary- I had no idea you were such an artist.

You are awesome. And I miss you.