Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Students First

For those of you who are not Oprah fans (yes, I admit it, I love her...) and didn't see her show on Monday then let me fill you in. 
At the very beginning she had Michelle Ree come out and announce her new job. She is the former chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools system in Washington D.C. Rhee worked tirelessly to reform the DC school system. She purged the public schools of teachers and principals whom she thought to be incompetent. She closed 24 schools that were failing, she offered teachers a 20% pay raise in order to give up their tenure. She was doing amazing things. However, in October of this year she resigned. The teachers union had won again. So, she came on the Oprah show to announce what she was going to do next. Her decision? In her own words "I am going to start a revolution." She mentioned how we can't do this one state at time because the unions would win every time. We need to do this nation wide. To do so she started the organization Students First. 
Go to and sign the pledge. Find out what you can do to help her. Donate money if you can. SPREAD THE WORD. If you are smart and want your kids to be even smarter then you will do this. Remember STUDENTS FIRST NOT TEACHERS!

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