Sunday, November 7, 2010

absence makes the heart grow fonder

I learned the truth to this saying on my mission. Then, I mostly longed for the warmth of my Mom's hug or the wisdom of my Dad and just the laughter of my sisters. However, like most missionaries, after I came home this fondness that grew so much quickly faded. Don't get me wrong, it didn't fade completely, it was just the absence that was making it so great. Well once again there is a big hole in my life where my family and Utah used to be. So much so that I find myself becoming bitter whenever I serve a table of a bunch of girls that seem to be sisters, who after a day of shopping have stopped to get lunch. Or when I see a Mom and daughter out together having fun, I suddenly despise their happiness. I am such a family person. I remember in high school being made fun of once for wanting to spend so much time with my family and I think even today some people would still make fun of me. Well if your family was as cool as mine was then you would do the same thing. They are my best of best friends.
As for Utah/the west coast, well nothing compares. All these Floridians fool themselves into thinking that this is a good place to live. But I have them all figured out. They all say that they love the humidity because it is good for their skin. That is crap. Put on lotion. Humidity is also crap. No one would voluntarily live here. I am convinced that someone is secretly paying them all to stay. True, there are some great beaches, but even there it is either too hot, or it rains. Also, now that it has cooled down the water is now too cold as well. And it's not just the humidity, but I will spare you the rest. Utah is bliss. I love it. I never realized how wonderful it really is until now. It is splendid for a lot of reasons. The first I already mentioned, my family is there, making it way cool. Next, it has seasons. 4 seasons. 4 lovely seasons. Florida thinks it has seasons. Let me tell you about their fall season. It gets down to a gripping 85 degrees and I think, maybe, a few leaves have fallen. Now it is getting into their so called "winter". Yesterday it dropped to 69 degrees. Everywhere I look people are wearing coats, scarves, knit sweaters, beanies, boots and sweatshirts. These people are all longing for a real winter. They want to bundle up and sit by the fire and sip hot cocoa. They want snow on Christmas morning. Every time I would go into Target I kept thinking that sweaters and gloves would be discounted since it is Florida and my mind was always boggled when they weren't. Now I understand. These crazies think that 69 degrees requires layering and coats. Like I said crazies and they are all kidding themselves.
Now I realize that when I get home, yet again the fondness may fade. I am writing this as a reminder to myself in hopes that it won't.
Long story short...
an absence has made my heart feel very fond of this:

And has me missing this:

But mostly I am longing to see them:

And I cannot wait to see them in 40 days, just in time for Christmas! yahooooooo!

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Libby said...

Aly, this is the sweetest post ever! Thank you. We miss you too. I can't wait to give you a big hug in 30-some-odd days :)