Thursday, October 21, 2010


At the last General Conference of the Church, President Thomas S. Monson spoke about having more gratitude. Like I said in my earlier post, this talk hit me hard. I want to have more gratitude and be thankful for my life and the things and people around me.
So here it is...Thankful Thursday.

Every Thursday I will list 10 things that I am thankful for. This is something I did when I was on my mission and it would always help lift my spirits. Hopefully it will help lift yours as well and even get you asking yourself: "What am I thankful for?".

I am thankful for:
  1. Mormon Messages. Not only is this one good, but they are all so good. I subscribed to them on Youtube and can't get enough of them.
  2. My parents and my in-law parents. All four were recently here visiting us. They are all so giving and kind to their broke children trying to make it out here in Florida.
  3. Lucy. She keeps me company at the times when I feel alone.
  4. 87 degrees with a slight breeze. It is a lovely break from 98 degrees and 98 humidity.
  5. A husband that is a worthy Priesthood holder that so graciously gave me a blessing.
  6. Employment. I recently started serving tables at CPK. I have met new people and am making that little bit of extra money to get us through.
  7. Four fully functioning limbs. We recently watched a movie about quadriplegic rugby players. Enough said.
  8. My Chacos. I wear them everyday and everywhere.
  9. New friends. We have met a lot of really nice, new friends here.
  10. Sleeping all the way through the night. (mostly because I didn't last night, so I realize how much I appreciate it when it does happen.)

What are you thankful for?

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David Sharette said...

I am mostly thankful for my wonderful wife. I am thankful that:
1. She shows her gratitude.
2. She posts about things she is thankful for.
3. She likes to share Mormon messages videos with me.
4. She is a very responsible worker (and brings me home pizza).
5. She takes care of Lucy all day.
6. She is really really good looking.
7. She came to Florida with me.
8. She makes really good food.
9. She sings Glee songs with me.
10. She helps me be a good Priesthood holder.