Friday, October 15, 2010

Shaker it up.

This last month I cashed in my birthday present (one plane ticket to Cleveland) and flew to see my brother David and his wife Cicely and their chitlins Miles and Faye. They live in an adorable suburb of Cleveland called Shaker Heights. Plus as an added bonus my parents and sister Emily flew out at the same time.

We did all sorts of fun-filled family type things. The biggest highlight however was going to Cedar Point. Cedar Point is a amusement park. No, scratch that, it is the number 1 amusement park in the world! They have like 15 roller coasters, many of which I thought I might crap in my pants, but made it through all of them, pants crap free. While in the neighborhood we also hit up a fairly large indoor water park called Cast away bay. Good times were had all around.

My uber cool nephew wore sunglasses and played with my i-touch a good amount of the time.

One lovely Sunday afternoon after church we made our way up to Kirtland to see some church history sites. We visited the home where Joseph Smith and Emma were sleeping when men tarred and feathered him, the Newel K. Whitney store, the school of the prophets, and the Kirtland temple. The spirit is amazingly strong and the senior couple missionaries are awesome.

Shaker Heights is full of eventful things to do for kids. In fact Cicely is making a list of 100 things to do in Cleveland with kids. This park that we went to was enormous. There were slides galore, swings everywhere, rock walls, and monkey bars too. Faye was happy as long as she was rock climbing. That is my kind of girl.

again, my nephew is pretty chill.

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Cicely said...

Love you. Love this. Love that you are coming soon.