Thursday, September 2, 2010

a buzz

There has been a buzz in the air, and no it's not the million mosquitoes that constantly annoy us. Ok, so maybe it is the mosquitoes but there are a lot of other things buzzing around my mind and I need to share them so the buzzing will cease. Who knows, maybe it will stop the bugs too.

First thing buzzing about my head? The Romantics, a new movie that is playing in select theaters a.k.a. NY and LA. Now I have no idea if the actual move will be any good, probably not. The real reason I am excited? The entire cast will be wearing J.crew's new fall line. This is J.crew's genius way of introducing their new line. Oh, how I wish I lived in areas of select theaters so I could see all the beautiful clothes on the big screen.

buzzzz.... Some of you may watch HGTV's Design Star, and those of you that do, know that Emily Henderson recently won and became the next design star.

She is fantabulous. I am more than stoked that she won. Her style is really unique, yet not to the point where it is outlandish or unlivable, like so many styles are today. Her new show Secrets of a Stylist recently aired on HGTV on Sunday night. It is a splendid new addition. The idea of her show is to take the way people dress and convey that into their home.
(I don't want to even think about what my wardrobe would convey, it would not be pretty)

Check it out if you haven't already.
She also has a blog that she updates with style tips and where she shops for things, etc. again, check it out.

b.u.z.z. I started crocheting. I had been so bored out of my mind lately that I decided to take up a new hobby. I figured crocheting was a good one, plus I can scratch off another item from my 101 list.
So I found this really great pattern book called Unexpected Crochet for the Home, by Lena Maikon. She is from Russia and her projects are perfectly perfect.

For my first project I picked the comfy couch throw. I don't know what I was thinking! A throw for my first project! oi. Well I picked my yarn and started watching youtube videos on how to do a slip knot or single or triple stitch.

So far I have 6 rows of 62 squares done, and I am in love. In love with crocheting. I am going to do it all the time now. There are so many possibilities. So stay tuned for updates on this project and more to come.

The latest buzz? Of course it is about Lucy. How could I post without somehow mentioning her. Oh, Lucy. She does so many things that make us proud. She is potty trained, sleeps through the night, is well behaved (I know I sound like a new mother) but yesterday she did something that made me real proud and she was pretty proud herself.

After running a few errands, I came home to this. All I could do was laugh. Look at her. How could you not? It was totally my fault, I left the cabinet to our desk open that has a bunch of notebooks and colorful tissue paper in it. This is the first time she has ever done anything bad or mischievous and I think she had a grand old time doing it.

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Holy Crap! Lucy! Bad dog! Bad dog!