Monday, August 9, 2010

a new look

Some of you may have noticed that our blog has a new look (as well as my 101 blog). I designed it on our spiffy little macbook. I like it because it isn't just another template that someone else could have as well, it is totally unique to us. I have had a few people ask me if I would design a header for their blog. I would love to do this for anyone that needs it. As most of you know, we are living in Florida now and with David at work all day and me being jobless, well I have a lot of time. Just FYI, the headers I design are then saved as a picture, I don't write them in HTML (maybe after I finish graphic design school I will know how...). It is really easy to do though, so no worries. So if anyone (even if I don't know you!) is interested just shoot me an email at alysharette{at}

(lucy playing with her rope bone...crazy eyes)

Happy Monday!!

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